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  • Borrower data

    Demographic and other data about the people who borrow books and other library resources
  • Reading Well

    Aggregated Reading Well scheme (social prescribing) data from 2013/14. Reading Well helps you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading. The books...
  • Library opening hours

    Opening hours for libraries in Devon and Torbay. Scraped from the web pages. Scripts can be found at https://github.com/jargonautical/scraping_scripts/
  • Top 10 lists

    Top 10 borrowings from libraries by category. Data from January 2017 only at present. Please refer to the data dictionary for a full explanation of field names.
  • Transactions

    Library borrowing transaction data January 2017
  • DVD rentals

    Test extract from library management systems to show transactions for borrowing DVDs.
  • Schools

    Basic school information from data.gov.uk for all schools in Devon
  • Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2015

    Indices of Mutiple Deprivation - rank and score for each Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) in the country on each of the domains of deprivation. Also available as linked open data...
  • Wages

    ASHE - Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) is conducted in April each year to obtain information about the levels, distribution...
  • Twitter sentiment analysis proof of concept

    A words list created from a Twitter search using the keyword 'libraries'; iPython notebook at...
  • Businesses - employees per employer and sector

    Business Register and Employment Survey data by District - number of employees per employer/sector
  • Benefits

    Benefit claimants - working age population. DWP data on benefit claimants in the working age population as at November 2016 (the latest available). The data has been broken down...
  • Torbay Council public conveniences

    Details of public toilets in Torbay
  • Health facilities

    Sample downloads from the NHS Choices "How we perform" pages. This data allows users to compare information for many NHS service providers. Indicator information may cover the...
  • Devon County Council Community Survey

    Community Survey results 2016 - the aggregated summary of results including numbers of responses and some high level diversity data. Data has been scraped from the PDF tables in...
  • JSNA

    Devon County Council's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment; economic, health and social care data for Devon. Devon County Council are experimenting with different ways of sharing...
  • Community services searches (PinPoint)

    Sample search results (mainly in JSON format, with a sample CSV) from the Devon County Council PinPoint directory - an online database of services provided in and by communities...
  • Library services

    The different services offered by each library. This dataset is scraped from each library's webpage and is based on trying to match exact strings; due to inconsistent text for...
  • Library locations

    Name, address and postcode of each Devon library (from the webpage). Scripts can be found at https://github.com/jargonautical/scraping_scripts/
  • Torbay Council land and building assets

    Details of all Torbay Councils land and building assets
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