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  • Borrower data

    Demographic and other data about the people who borrow books and other library resources
  • Shining a Light report

    Comprehensive report into attitudes to libraries carried out by Carnegie Trust. This is not open data (the data is not released in any way) so this link is provided purely for...
  • Sport England Active Lives survey data

    2017 report into activity levels of Adults in England during 2017. This is not open data so here we are just signposting to the report.
  • Reading Well

    Aggregated Reading Well scheme (social prescribing) data from 2013/14. Reading Well helps you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading. The books...
  • Library opening hours

    Opening hours for libraries in Devon and Torbay. Scraped from the web pages. Scripts can be found at https://github.com/jargonautical/scraping_scripts/
  • Top 10 lists

    Top 10 borrowings from libraries by category. Data from January 2017 only at present. Please refer to the data dictionary for a full explanation of field names.
  • Transactions

    Library borrowing transaction data January 2017
  • DVD rentals

    Test extract from library management systems to show transactions for borrowing DVDs.
  • Schools

    Basic school information from data.gov.uk for all schools in Devon
  • Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2015

    Indices of Mutiple Deprivation - rank and score for each Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) in the country on each of the domains of deprivation. Also available as linked open data...
  • Wages

    ASHE - Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) is conducted in April each year to obtain information about the levels, distribution...
  • Twitter sentiment analysis proof of concept

    A words list created from a Twitter search using the keyword 'libraries'; iPython notebook at...
  • Businesses - employees per employer and sector

    Business Register and Employment Survey data by District - number of employees per employer/sector
  • Benefits

    Benefit claimants - working age population. DWP data on benefit claimants in the working age population as at November 2016 (the latest available). The data has been broken down...
  • Torbay Council public conveniences

    Details of public toilets in Torbay
  • Health facilities

    Sample downloads from the NHS Choices "How we perform" pages. This data allows users to compare information for many NHS service providers. Indicator information may cover the...
  • Devon County Council Community Survey

    Community Survey results 2016 - the aggregated summary of results including numbers of responses and some high level diversity data. Data has been scraped from the PDF tables in...
  • JSNA

    Devon County Council's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment; economic, health and social care data for Devon. Devon County Council are experimenting with different ways of sharing...
  • Community services searches (PinPoint)

    Sample search results (mainly in JSON format, with a sample CSV) from the Devon County Council PinPoint directory - an online database of services provided in and by communities...
  • Library services

    The different services offered by each library. This dataset is scraped from each library's webpage and is based on trying to match exact strings; due to inconsistent text for...
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